The merger of two next-generation companies
and the future of business products and services

Software Solutions

10 years of planning software and solutions for small businesses

Consulting Services

Next-generation consulting and training for business owners

Critical Investments

Asset leasing and venture capital for smooth company launches

The driving force of Converged Ventures.

The convergence of ideas and innovations focused on small business growth and success. Providing every company with the same blueprint for success.

Solving Business Tech

A fully integrated suite of technology solutions for every business stage. Business solutions with enterprise-level features while striking a perfect balance between features and pricing

Solving Business Consulting

Consulting & learning services to support success and growth. Consulting-as-a-Service model for client support. Learning platform to transfer knowledge. Data visualization services to enhance business views.

Solving Business Growth

Future products & services to meet the needs of new & growth companies. Asset leasing lessens operating cash requirements. Venture capital based on ideas instead of traditional factors.

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